Avantgarde Trio Omega G2 Classico Basshorn Very Good Conditions, smooth just like a new.

The Trio G2 is a 3–way spherical horn satellite which – below 100 Hz – is complemented with active subwoofers.

The transmission of the lower frequencies is handled by the 38 inch SH9504 low–midrange horn. It is driven by the new 8 inch L3 Ω G2 driver with 16ohm OMEGA voice coil. The heart of the TRIO – the midrange with coverage down to 600 Hz – is covered by the redesigned 27 ohm 2 inch M3 Ω G2 driver with the 23 inch SH5702 midrange horn. The 16 ohm 1 inch tweeter H3 Ω G2 with the SH1801 horn blends in at 4 kHz.

The CDC technology allows for a minimalist concept with only 4 passive crossover components for the complete 3–way system. All G2–capacitors have been completely redesigned and are configured with the patented CPC–technology. The sensitivity of the system is 109 dB.

Simply spoken, the Trio G2 is the best speaker available from AvantgardeAcoustic™! 

But let us be honest: the Trio G2 is not necessarily prudential. But in man’s quest for the ultimate in performance, always the most fascinating things arise. 

109 dB sensitivity 
19 Ω system impedance
8 inch low–midrange horn
23 inch midrange horn
7 inch tweeter horn
100V CPC crossover (patent pend.) 

The Basshorn G2 is a fully active bass loudspeaker system, with a response of 18 to 250 Hz. Each Basshorn G2 module is driven by two powerful 12 inch long–excursion drivers with 600 watts RMS of power. Exclusive neodymium magnets are used in the bass drivers of the G2 series. 

With their 185 inch2 of cone area, the drivers are capable of displacing 31 inch3 of air and thrusting it into the horn throat. Through its 55 inch long expo–spherical horn the sound waves are guided and pressure–transformed into the room. The horn mouth area per Basshorn G2 module is 9 ft2, in its full configuration with 6 x Basshorn G2 modules representing a total mouth area of 54 ft2! 

Each Basshorn G2 module is powered by a special version of the Avantgarde Acoustic™ 500 watt subwoofer amplifier with 120.000 µF, incorporating the patented ADRIC circuit. This active electronic control dynamically compensates for small hornmouth dimensions, and linearizes the bass response below the cut–off frequency of the horn. 

The Trio G2 with Basshorn is maybe the most beautiful, but in respect to its holistic technology for sure the most perfect speaker system of Avantgarde Acoustic™.

Please feel free to ask if you have any question about the Avantgarde Trio Omega G2 Classico Bass horn.

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Avantgarde Trio Omega G2 Classico Basshorn

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